Hello techies,

First thing first, Welcome to the wonderful world of Android. If you are reading this post, I’m sure that you want to learn about android and get started creating your own apps. Hence, without wasting any time!, let’s get started!

Wait don’t skip!!!! I sure am not going to show you how to install Android studio through wizard. You can find it anywhere. Instead let’s focus on tinkering.

First, Let’s get familiar with our wonderful IDE.

This is a typical screen you see when you create an empty project through new project wizard and you can see all the files on the left of the IDE.

For now look at the folders:

  • com.example.rahul.devnetwork (or simply devnetwork)
  • layout
  • and two gradle files (project and module)

Simply put, here devnetwork directory contains all the programming logic we want to implement, while layout directory contains all designing components (we use xml files to do so, you will see in further posts how). Both gradle files are used to configure project and add dependencies that project uses. Initially all configuration are in place, don’t worry, for now you don’t have to do anything.

Guess what!!! Our Hello world project is ready… click run button in task-bar to run your project. Follow this link, if you don’t how to run apps on actual device.

All there is left to do is to play with MainActivity.java  and activity_main.xml files.


You can always refer to Android Developer Guide for how to proceed further and i strongly recommend doing so. Not only it provides you information on any android component, but also helps you to learn about classes android has. That’s it for now. In next post we will learn about android activity life-cycle(events that are called at different stages of application). and then will proceed with actual coding.

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