How to create a post?

  • Login into your account using below links
  • Click on Add New
  • Click on Publish,  if your post is ready to publish.

Introduction to post screen

 1. Here you need to write post name, which represents as a title of your post
2. You can edit your post, for example, color, heading, bold, italic and much other extra functionality. we’ll see further in below points
  1. Add media
    • using these button you can upload new media or use existing media in your post. media like image and video
  2. Add Row
    • this functionality provides you to make a virtual table to adjust your content side by side
    • using + and-, you can add/remove columns/rows
  3. Toolbar Toggle
    • this bar has more formatting functionality which provides you rich text
  4. Basic Shortcode
    • this tool contains much more important and advance functionality
    • I am not going to explain you dee but some of explain in the last section, and still don’t get some of feature contact
  5. Insert WP User Avatar
    • using this tool you can add other user images with their link which you have to provide manually
  6. Code Insert
    • if your post contains code then using this formatting toll to add code so it’ll display well-formatted code in post
  7. Visual
    • here your post content display with style added by you, same content display at your post
  8. Text
    • in the text tab, you can see. edit the HTML code of your post
3. Post publish option
  1. Save draft
    • if your post is not ready for the public still, you want to save your post then you can save as draft. whenever you complete your post then publish
  2. Preview
    • without saving/publishing post you can see exactly how your post display when you publish
  3. Status
    • here you can change the status of post whether it’s published or put as a draft
    • click on edit
    • there are 2 option Draft and Pending Review
    • if you want to review your post by other users then you can choose Pending review and click on top-left button Save as pending
  4. Visibility
    • visibility is like locking system, where you can set who can see post
    • click on edit
    • n screenshot, we have three option
      • Public: anyone can see your post
      • password protected: you need to set a password, using that password anyone can see your post
      • private: no one can see your post, only you can see even after publishing
  5. Publish
    • you can set time date here for your post, default takes as immediate, even you can set future time. it’ll automatically publish on that date and time.
    • click on edit
  6. Post View
    • how many people see your post
  7. Readability
    • this for search engine optimization purpose


How to format your post?

Everybody loves well-formatted content. There’re a few nice additions to the available content formatting features in Powerkit: